Beaches in Siófok

Siófok is called the capital of summer by many. Visitors can choose from several beaches. The main beach, in the most frequented part, in addition to paid, numerous services and programs awaits its visitors, but it is also possible to choose from free beaches, as a total of 6 km of free-to-reach beach is located in Siófok.

The easiest to reach from the hotel is one of the main beach and the Plázs, which is 2 blocks away, and the other is the Golden Beach free beach, which is an 8-10 minute walk away.

The main beach - Plázs 

The Great Beach of Siófok stretches parallel to the always bustling Petőfi promenade in Siófok, about which we can say that it is not only the shore of Lake Balaton, but also the most popular paid beach in the country. It can be considered a premium beach. It covers an area of ​​more than 8 hectares and can accommodate 13,500 people. We used to be able to die from it as Coca-Cola Beach House, Coke Club or Beach Club, which we have known as Plázs for years now. By paying for the entrance to the main beach, you can also visit the Plaza inside. The beach provides an adventurous vacation for those who come here, with active programs, relaxation facilities and various services.

The Plázs, which is popular among other years, satisfies our entertainment needs to the maximum. This is the super place where only the color of the sky changes between day and evening. The beach experience is made unforgettable by the quality environment, cozy music, huge sunbathing pier, innumerable sunbeds and parasols, beach volleyball courts, outdoor gyms, white sand beach, infinity pool, cozy bars and bars on the shores of Lake Balaton. For those who not only like to play, but also to watch sports, it is possible for them to follow major sporting events on a giant projector.

In addition to all this, it is a huge green area, which is why the Great Beach of Siófok is an excellent choice for families and small children. In the area you will find services for them such as children's pool, sandy beach, playground, children's pool, water jumping park. Let's not forget about water sports lovers either, it is possible to rent pedal boats, kayaks and SUPs on the beach. There are water blocks in the whole area of ​​the beach, preserving valuables and now the Ferris wheel, which has become a symbol of the beach and Siófok for years, can be found here, from where during the day, then in an afternoon / evening sunset there is an unparalleled view of Lake Balaton.

After the beach, a series of light music concerts with the participation of the most popular performers and bands of the country will ensure that those who come here enjoy their time here.

Siófok - Golden Beach free beach

To the east of the Sió canal is the Golden Beach. After the iconic hotels following the Petőfi promenade, a beach section suitable for swimming begins. One of the most popular free beaches stretches for 3.5 kilometers all the way to the Free Bath, so you can always find a good place for a super beach here.

The most famous free beach section of a bustling, busy resort town awaits its guests with a full range of beach services. Admission is free. Cozy and tempting beach with free bathing facilities. There is a dressing room, a free toilet, and a wide selection of buffets and various rentals to complement the perfect beach atmosphere.

There is plenty of shady area, it can be ideal for families with small children, especially that shallow water awaits those wishing to bathe, in this part, so the experience of the first encounter with Lake Balaton is completely ideal for even the youngest children. There are also children’s playgrounds and beach volleyball / foot tennis courts. When you get ashore, you can choose from different parts of the atmosphere. We can also find a quieter world for ourselves, but we can also explore the more vibrant part of the Gold Coast.

Siófok - Silver Beach free beach - Újhelyi beach

The coastline of the city can be divided into two sections, the section west of the Sió canal is called the Silver Coast. The Silver Beach is dominated by one- and two-storey cottages and boarding houses along with the apartment houses next to them.

In this section we find free beaches along the coastline. The free beaches have well-kept green areas along the entire length of the coastline, water sports rental places, and pleasant coastal promenades. Buffets, restaurants, and a variety of sports facilities are also available to guests. It is about 2.5 km long.

Great place for sunbathing, relaxing, swimming. The closest free beach to the Silver Coast Sió canal is the Újhelyi beach, which is excellent for all ages. There are plenty of trees, so there are plenty of shady areas for visitors to come here.