Siofok is a town on the south coast of Lake Balaton. The charming little town is one of the most popular holiday resorts in Hungary. The population is around 35,000 people but in the summer season there is another 200,000 people being on vacation at the same time. The name of the city means Cape Sio (Sio is a river bringing water into river Danube).

Siofok is mostly famous of its huge nightlife and the never ending parties specially in the weekends. The town is often called "the partying capital of Hungary". But it is important to know that outside of the town centre there are many quiet and peacful beaches for every age groups. The party season usually egins by the start of the summer break at schools and the end of the spring term at universities which is the end of June, early July. The last party events are on the final weekend before the start of school.

Siofok is located on a fairly flat area at the south-east end of Balaton. As the north shore is quite hilly the wind usually hits the south coast bringing some random heavy storms usually in late June but other than that the climate is very hot all summer specially in August when the temperature can go up to 35 degrees in Celsius.

People who don't like too hot weather can travel to the lake in May when it is not that hot but warm enough to jump in the water and to get suntanned. Many tourists come to the city every summer (more and more every year). About 60% of the tourists come from Germany concerning about the history of German tourism to Lake Balaton. Many school trips take place in the town with students arriving mostly from Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Slovakia, Ukraine.

What to do?

Plázs (the old Coca Cola Beach House) the main beach resort is the #1 attraction in town. The place offers many activities for visitors to do something more than just being on the sun. These activities include beach volley ball (organised competitions as well), swimming pool, streetball court, ping pong, water polo and volley ball in shallow water, live concerts on the main stage, excersise shows on the main sandy beach, bars, restaurants, dancefloors all around the resort.

Galerius Thermal Spa and Wellness Centre Siofok-Szabadifurdo, Szent Laszlo utca 183. In the summer of 2006 Siofok's newest thermal spa was opened to put Siofok onto the map of wellness centres in Hungary. The spa was named after the Roman Caesar Galerius and is opened all year. The complex is provided with water from Nagybereny which is circa 15 kms to the south from Siofok. Guests enjoy bathing and relaxing in the warm (33-37°C) geothermal water that comes up from 1091 m deep, known for its positive effects on the skin and the bones.

Attractions in Siofok

Thousands enjoy the warm water of the free beaches and the shady walkways along the Silver (Ezustpart) and Golden Shores (Aranypart).

Old but elegant villas of famous Hungarians (Mor Jokai, Frigyes Karinthy, Gyula Krudy writers) and the stunning view of the Balaton Uplands on the oposite shore provide fine background to beach enertainment COCA COLA BEACH?

If you've had enough of spashing about and sunbathing take a walk along the Petofi or Beszedes promenades.

The shallow water warms up very quickly during summer and the beaches along the southern Balaton are especially recommended for families with small children.

Siofok's port is the busiest one on the southern shore of Lake Balaton.

Besides the beach the town of Siofok itself is worth exploring. Works of art by famous artists adore its squares, and parks.

A huge green area, the Millennium Park occupies the town center near the railway station. You can relax here while contemplating the town life and you can enjoy concerts in the evenings.

The Birth of Venus fountain by sculptor Imre Varga marks Main Square (Fo ter) with the Town Hall and the Cultural Center on the first floor of which temporary exhibitions introduce the Hungarian folk and fine art works.

The 45 m high watertower built in 1912 on Szabadsag Square provides a good reference for finding your way around in the town.

Adrenaline Boosters

On the main beach the adventurous ones can try bunjee jumping or giant water slides. Jumping castles entertain little kids.

If you're feel like doing other than lying on the beach or splashing in the lake go Go-karting (address: Siofok, Jegverem utca) or try something exciting (paintball, quad, wall climbing, giant 3D ring, dodgem) in the Extreme Sport Park next to the airport.