Hotel Informations

E-check in: Speed up your check-in, make it easy to start your vacation!
  • We will send a welcome message to our guests before arrival, the information includes the link to fill out the registration form, just click on the link, and it will load in your device browser.
  • For a smooth travel experience and for the convenience of our guests, before arrival - from home or on the go - you can add online all the details of each person arriving at the hotel, so on the spot we will only ask for a data check.
  • If our Guest does not use the pre-registration option, they will have the opportunity to fill the registration form at the reception as well.
Obligation to read documents
  • From 1 September 2021, the 2016 CLVI. According to the law, all hotels in Hungary, including our hotel, can only be checked in with a photo ID, so we need to ask all our guests (including babies and young children) for their document (ID card or passport) and forward it via a document reader.
  • If the document is not presented, the accommodation provider will refuse the accommodation service. Based on the authorization of the legislation, the accommodation provider is entitled to request the guest's identity document, and the guest is obliged to present it.
  • Please plan your trip and arrival with the above in mind! Thank you again for your cooperation!
Arrival - Departure
  • Rooms are available from 14:00 on the day of arrival. On the day of departure, please leave the rooms till 10:00. If our staff finish the cleaning earlier, rooms can be available even before 14:00.
Luggage room
  • In case of earlier arrival and later departure, it is possible to put the package in our luggage room free of charge before check-in or after check-out.
  • Smoking is prohibited by law in the rooms, balconies and interiors.
  • Marked smoking areas are located 5 meters from the building, in front of the hotel entrance and in the backyard, and our guests can find marked tables on the terrace of our hotel as well.
  • In case of violation of the ban on smoking in hotel rooms, balconies and interiors, we charge a cleaning fee of 20,000 HUF / day.
  • Free street parking is possible
  • It is possible to use a closed car park (1,800 HUF / car / night) from 2 pm on the day of arrival to 10 am on the day of departure. The necessary parking card can be picked up at our reception. It is possible to use it in case of earlier arrival and later departure, subject to free capacity, which you can inquire about on the spot at our reception.
Peace of mind
  • Please respect the peace of mind of other guests and don’t disturb it with loudness. Pay special attention after 22:00.
  • Breakfast is available at the hotel from 08:00 until 10:00. Please wear the occasion-appropriate attire. Parents and carers are responsible for children.
  • Gluten- and lactose-free products are not included in our breakfast menu, it is worth preparing for our sensitive guests.
  • Main meal (lunch or dinner), so half board is not available in our hotel, but we can also recommend several restaurants nearby.
Food consumption
  • There is no restaurant in our hotel, but it is possible to eat food which you bought or ordered in another restaurant on the terrace of our hotel. Please protect our rooms so that the rooms can delight others for a long time and use our terrace for this purpose.
  • For meals we can provide plates and cutlery, which can be requested at our reception.
  • Our downstairs lobby has a microwave for heating meals or drinks.
Drink consumption
  • At the reception of our hotel it is possible to buy coffees, soft drinks, beers, wines and champagnes.
  • It is possible to consume the purchased drinks on the terrace or in the common areas of our hotel, it is not allowed to take int o the hotel room.
  • Tap water is safe to drink.
For children
  • High chair is available.
  • Our downstairs lobby has a microwave for heating meals or drinks.
  • We can provide a baby cot only in our upstairs triple room for ages 0-1.99. Our other room types cannot accommodate a travel cot.
  • In our garden there is a children's playground with swings and slides, sandpit, sunbed, badminton, petanque and ping pong table.
Payment methods for deposit payment
  • Prepayment of the deposit is possible with an online credit card (SimplePay), bank transfer, and OTP-, MKB- or K&H SZÉP cards.
  • In case of prepayment its not possible to pay in cash.
Payment methods for on-site payment at the hotel
  • It is possible to pay by credit card, OTP, MKB and K&H SZÉP card and in cash as well.
  • Tourism tax and external services at the reception (promenade ship ticket and spa ticket) can only be paid in cash.
  • You can pay in cash for the massage to the masseur and for the bike rental to our external partner as well.
  • Only registered guests can stay in the hotel rooms, please welcome guests in the common areas of the hotel.
  • Pets are not allowed in the hotel, even for an additional cost it is not possible.
Hotel values
  • It is mandatory to return the values requested from the reception (e.g. room key, TV and air conditioning remote controls, hair dryer, iron, HDMI cable, umbrella, ping pong and badminton rackets / balls)!
  • In case of leaving the room key or remote controls you have to pay the following fee: HUF 4,000 / piece.
  • It is forbidden to take out items and textiles (e.g. blankets, towels, etc.) out of the hotel!
  • It is forbidden to take the furniture (eg: pouf, armchair, indoor table) out to the balcony! Damage caused by the weather as a result of this have to compensated by the person who caused it.
WIFI password
  • The password for the WIFI network can be found in the information leaflets in our reception, common areas and hotel rooms.
Air conditioner
  • Air conditioning remote control available on request at reception.
  • The air conditioner can only be used when the window and balcony door are closed, not when it is open.
  • To protect our environment, please use only during your stay at the hotel. If you would like to use it outside of your stay, please use the timer. To the settings you can even ask for help at our reception.
Tv channels in he room
  • In our hotel rooms have LED televisions with 12 channels. On request, we can provide HDMI cable at our reception if you want to connect a laptop to the television.
Clothes dryer
  • It is possible to use an outdoor clothes dryer in the garden of our hotel, and we can provide a clothes dryer that can be hung on the balcony for our rooms with a balcony at the reception.
Bicycle storage
  • We do not have a closed bicycle storage facility, and there is no possibility to store bicycles inside the building of our hotel or on the terraces of our rooms.
  • Bicycles can be placed locked to the fence in the back of our garden, or inside the car or its roof rack.
Spiders at Lake Balaton
  • Due to the humid air, spiders have become popular guests of Lake Balaton.
  • The people from Lake Balaton or returning guests know that the local climate is very favorable for insects, such as spiders hunting them, so they are not surprised by some spider webs that have not been there for a few hours ago, but we would like to inform our guests, not to surprise them this situation upon their arrival.
  • Despite all our efforts, they can be found at all accommodations near Lake Balaton, including our hotel, during the summer season. Our hotel team tries to remove the spider webs, but we ask for the patience, cooperation and understanding of our guests, as they may reappear even a few hours after their removal.
Camera system
  • We would like to inform you that in the garden and at the reception there is an electronic surveillance system (space surveillance camera system) for security.
Fire protection
  • All guests are required to comply with the hotel's fire safety rules during their stay at the hotel.
  • In the hotel room, it is forbidden to store flammable or explosive substances, to operate coffee makers, water heaters, sandwich ovens, microwave ovens, irons and other electrical devices brought from home!
  • We sacrifice a lot to keep Hotel Solero clean and tidy. Please take care of the furnishings as if it were your own. This way, it will be a pleasure for others and for you for a long time and we hope that you return to us.
  • If damage occurred due to the fault of the guest, the guest is obliged to compensate the corresponding equivalent value and it is payable immediately at the reception.
Error report
  • All guests are kindly asked to notify as soon as possible any malfunction in the hotel room, we are at your disposal at the reception.
Use of common toilet
  • Our common toilet on the ground floor can only be used by our hotel guests, we cannot provide this option for outsiders. It is not possible even for an additional fee.
Do you have any questions?
  • For more information about our services and how to use them, please contact the hotel reception. We hope that your staying in our hotel will meet your expectations, be joyful and undisturbed.