Programs in and around Siófok

Small train - Get to know the city of Siófok up close

The family-run small train awaits its passengers throughout the summer. With hourly departure times, it is possible to admire the sights of Siófok, as well as visit the Galerius Baths or the Silver Beach. Discounts are available for groups upon prior registration.

Water tower - Wonderful panorama over Siófok

The Water Tower is the most emblematic building in Siófok, which rises high in the heart of the city. The tower was completely renovated in 2012, on the 100th anniversary of its construction. The special feature of the monument is that the tower, on the observation levels of the building, can be reached by 2 panoramic elevators, in front of which the breathtaking panorama of Lake Balaton unfolds high.

In the 45-meter-high building, four full-fledged entertainment and recreation facilities await guests, the 360 ​​° walkable open lookout area, Szentkirályi Oxygen Bar, Panoráma Café and Samsung Adventure Center. A special feature of the upper part is that it is possible to see the full panorama while sitting next to a drink with its rotation.

Siófok Ferris Wheel

Undoubtedly, one of the most visited attractions in Siófok is the Ferris Wheel, which is interesting because it is the first Hungarian-made Ferris Wheel. The 50-meter-high Ferris Wheel is located on the Great Beach in Siófok. Sitting in the open cabins of the wheel, we can admire the most beautiful landscapes of Lake Balaton: during the 10-minute journey you can see the Tihany Abbey, the valley bridge, Badacsony, the Balaton Uplands, the Somogy Hills, the Siófok Water Tower and almost the whole of Lake Balaton.

Cruise on Lake Balaton - Panorama of Lake Balaton from the middle of the lake

You have to go through what not a photo gives back! Cruises depart from the port of Siófok and then return to the departure station after a unique experience. During the cruise, passengers can admire both Lake Balaton and the coastal attractions.

The reverse house, Siófok - When the world is on top of your head

In the western half of the city, at the top of Széplak, a quasi-exhibition presents a house built upside down, in which all equipment, objects and furniture, but even the occupants, are on the ceiling.

Bella Animal Park Siofok - An adventurous day with children

The zoo, only 5 km from the center of Siófok, awaits its visitors in a pleasant environment every day of the year, including weekends and holidays. The zoo walk, which offers an adventurous program, is a pleasant relaxation for any age group, where they can discover the wonderful world of gentle animals and meet their favorites. There are also opportunities for horseback riding, camel rides, carriage rides, as well as bubble soccer and a bouncy castle.

Toy Empire, Siófok - Indoor pastime for children

The aim of the Siófok toy empire is to bind the active energies of the children by self-forgetful jumping, running and sliding. The toys in the playhouse are designed to meet all safety regulations. The 200-square-foot area features a ball pool, tunnel, cobweb, car wash, punching bag, suspension bridge, maze, slide, revolving floor, trampoline, bearing slider and lots and lots of creative games.

Bebó Aquapark - Jumping experiences for children on the surface of Lake Balaton

Bebó Aquapark is located on the Grand Beach of Siófok, where a specially designed Ninja Warrior-like inflatable water obstacle course awaits visiting families.

Siófok Dino Park - Dinosaurs in the thick of the forest

Children can enter a magical world when they enter the Siófok Dino Park. For tiny paleontologists, it can be exciting to see the dinosaurs of ancient times and their secret nesting grounds hidden in the thickets of the forest. This is because most dinosaurs move when someone approaches their nest. It even yells at those who are too curious! And on the terraces of the magical mountain, more and more toys await the young and old to discover and take possession of them.

Go-kart - Go-karting in Siófok or Zamárdi

There is also a go-kart track in Zamárdi and Siófok, which provide pleasant recreation for all ages. Individual and group go-karting is also possible.

Zamárdi Adventure Park - "Hanging" in Zamárdi

Zamárdi Adventure Park is only a few minutes away from the motorway and the train station. Set in more than three hectares, the park offers thousands of programs for visitors. On the one and a half kilometer sliding track, everyone will find the one that suits their age. For relaxation, the Kalandpark’s restaurant serves delicious cuisine.

Turtle Park, Kőröshegy - Discover the world of turtles

Turtle Park is the first and only turtle collection in Hungary to visit at Lake Balaton. There are currently 283 turtles living on its half-hectare area. You can admire turtles of different species from little ones to giants, from adults to newborns, predators as well as herbivores. Due to the very good housing conditions, the animals reproduce excellently, 150-200 small turtles are born every year from mid-July to the end of September. Of course, visitors can also see this.

Veszprém Zoo - Full day program for all ages

The zoo, only 15 km from Lake Balaton, awaits its visitors in a wonderful environment every day of the year, including weekends and holidays. The zoo walk, which offers an all-day program, is a pleasant relaxation for any age, where you can discover the wonderful world of animals and meet our latest favorites. In the zoo, the African Savannah playground could tie in the little ones for hours, as can the Dino Park, which is also located inside, but it is worth planning for hours or all day with a visit, as we also have the opportunity to visit countless animals.

Balaton Bob Leisure Park, Balatonfűzfő - Sliding over Lake Balaton

Lurkers are guaranteed to love the slide down the foothills of Fűzfő and the wonderful view will surely enchant adults as well. In addition to the obvious bobsledding, there is a free playground and lookout, as well as a fitness park, but those who are more inclined can even play paintball.

Adventure Park and Bobsleigh Track, Balatonboglár - Adventures in the vicinity of the Sphere Lookout

The location is already impressive, as the adventure park is located next to the Spherical Lookout.
To add to the excitement, just a quick list of some of the elements available: a 10-meter climbing tower, a 6-lane trampoline, a ropeway for all ages (it’s just interesting that the track was built using 4km of wire rope), a 580m long and noiseless bobsleigh track. An all-day active recreation from the youngest to the oldest.

Talizman yacht - Pirate shipping on Lake Balaton

One of the largest sailing ships on Lake Balaton is the Talisman Yacht. It awaits visitors in the port of Siófok all summer long. Passengers will have the opportunity to try the thrills of governance as well as the wines of St. Christopher’s Winery. In the evenings, guests can also listen to a live music performance and watch a laser show.

Walking flight - Siófok panorama from the sky

From Siófok - Kiliti Airport, passengers can admire the beauty of the Lake Balaton countryside day or night with several departure times. The aircraft complies with the European standard.

Galerius Adventure Bath and Wellness Center - Closed indefinitely from June 2021

The Galerius Wellness Center is an air-conditioned entertainment center, basically consisting of 2 parts.

I. Adventure bath: The experience bath includes 1 thermal water pool, certified pool with many components useful for the human body, 1 children's pool, 1 training pool, 1 jacuzzi. 1 adventure pool with various air jets and massage elements, an upstairs slide into the pool and a giant slide from the 2nd floor. An outdoor thermal pool and an adventure pool around the pool areas and 2 additional indoor and 1 outdoor loungers, as well as changing rooms, lockers and hair dryers have been set up.

II. Sauna world: The services of the sauna world are available at an additional cost. Additional services on a separate level include 1 aroma, light and 1 steam cabin. 1 Finnish sauna, 1 infrared sauna, plunge pool, jacuzzi, as well as indoor and outdoor lounges with sun loungers and an associated water block. With the triggered additional entrance, you can also use the basement salt cave, 1 sea-air room, 1 bio sauna, 1 snow cabin, 1 extra-large Finnish sauna. 1 temperate jacuzzi pool, as well as an indoor lounge with sun loungers and an associated water block.

Other services: A paid and reclining solarium, various massages, a mainkur pedicure, a gift shop and a snack bar are available for refreshments.

The spa complex is surrounded by a park and a significant number of free car parks and bicycle storage, which can be reached by a local bus stop in front of the spa and a long-distance and train stop 100 meters away.